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In ​the ​third ​class ​of ​this ​three-part ​series, ​students ​will ​get ​an ​in-depth ​understanding ​of ​how ​to ​lead ​and ​manage ​the ​many ​different ​aspects ​of ​public ​works ​projects. ​ ​Participation ​in ​previous ​workshops ​is ​not ​required.

This ​class, ​consisting ​of ​lecture, ​case ​studies ​and ​exercises, ​covers ​the ​following ​topics: ​
• Overview ​of ​public ​works ​process
• Career ​self-assessment
• People ​Skills ​and ​Personalities
• Time ​and ​energy ​management
• Effective ​meeting ​strategies
• Excellence ​in ​public ​works
• Hiring ​and ​motivating ​employees
• Organizational ​culture
• Labor ​relations
• Council ​relations
• Dealing ​with ​regulatory ​agencies
• Citizen ​relations
• Dealing ​with ​media
• Understanding ​management ​systems
• Project ​management
• Managing ​consultants
• Asset ​management
• Financial ​management
• Understanding ​business
• Planning ​skills
The ​class ​will ​culminate ​with ​a ​final ​class ​project.

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