Group Registration Information
If 3 or more people register together, then you will receive a discount of $50.00 off each person's registration in the group.

Please note that all members of Educators group have to be employed by the same institute and Students have to be from the same school.

Group leader registering for the event:

You will have the opportunity to add additional group members later in the registration process. The total fees for all registrants in the group will be charged to the first person (group leader) in the group.

The group discount automatically applies only when all group members are registered under the same registrant type (General, Educator, Student, etc.). If each member's registrant type is different, email to get a special discount code.

Each member of the group registering as a group:
If members of the group are paying individually (for example, with different credit cards), please email a list of names and email addresses of each member of your group to Each member will receive an email with a special code to enter to get a $50 discount in the registration process.